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Here are all the articles about Indian English that have appeared in my newsletter English in Progress about world Englishes and English language change

March 2023

India should allow its citizens to improve their English

There is a movement in India to educate people in the local language and marginalize English as an unwanted colonial legacy. Author Nitin Pai argues that this is unhelpful. Indian people want to learn English because it gives them better prospects. English will not displace local languages, but it should be allowed to exist alongside them.

Reading time: 4 minutes / Mint (India)

February 2023

The Oxford English Dictionary has added Indian English pronunciation files for certain words

January 2023

Indians annoyed at Indian actor’s American accent

I’m always trying to find more Indian-English content for this newsletter, with more than 200 million speakers you’d think it would get a bit more attention. This Indian news article complains about NTR (actor N. T. Rama Rao Jr.) speaking with an American accent during international interviews. I thought that was interesting.

December 2022

Rohitha Naraharisetty writes for The Swaddle why a ‘neutral’ English accent erases Indian history.

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