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March 2023

Wordle solution “arbor” has people wondering what it means

An arbor, or arbour in UK English, is another word for a pergola, a pretty arch-like thing for in the garden. Always tricky when UK/US spelling differences enter the game. It was the solution on 24 February.

Reading time: 2 minutes / womanandhome (USA/UK)

February 2023

Merriam-Webster has bought the word game Quordle

January 2023

Love Wordle? Here are some similar games

Mark Liberman has helpfully listed some Wordle alternatives, and has added a passive-aggressive remark about Word of the Year “-ussy” to boot.

The Guardian has attempted to invent the next Wordle-like word puzzle craze and has come up with Wordiply, which challenges you to make the longest possible word out of a three-letter one. The description of how they came up with it is funny and self-effacing.

December 2022

I loved this thoughtful piece on the history and future of the American Scrabble dictionary, and American dictionaries in general. Are American dictionaries dying out? (This article is also an interesting read if you (like me) are not particularly into Scrabble.

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