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This website was set up to accompany my newsletter on how English is evolving and how it is spoken around the world.

I like making lists. I like categorising the things I come across. It’s just how I tick.

This website is a side project, and I usually only come to it once a month, when I’m writing my newsletter. I’ll change the most embarrassing things (telling myself: what was I thinking last month?), make plans for the future, half-implement those plans, and then leave the website half-finished again. Which is probably how you found it right now.

I’ve also (January 2024) started taking the whole blogging thing more seriously.

But, you know, it is a work in progress (hah!).

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Heddwen Newton is an English teacher and translator. She is fascinated by contemporary English and the way English changes. Her newsletter is English in Progress. 1100 subscribers and growing every day!

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