Neologism: microgooning

I collect neologisms for my newsletter English in Progress. Sometimes I find them myself on social media (by searching for “English language” and similar). Then I write a blog post about them, because I don’t like linking to social media in my newsletter. “Gooning” is either masturbating a lot, or masturbating in such a way… Continue reading Neologism: microgooning

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Why I am still on Substack

tldr version: I am costing Substack money rather than making it for them. Moving would cost me subscribers. I also sympathise with subscribers who do not want Substack to have their email address. For this reason, I have also opened an account at Beehiiv, and will copy-paste every newsletter I write. If you want to… Continue reading Why I am still on Substack

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GLAD needs Fins

In case you had never heard of it, GLAD is this amazing open-access database of Anglicisms. GLAD stands for Global Anglicism Database; I think choosing to add the “L” from global was an excellent choice, because the database does make me glad. Open access stuff always does, especially if it has to do with global… Continue reading GLAD needs Fins

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About this website

This website was set up to accompany my newsletter on how English is evolving and how it is spoken around the world. I like making lists. I like categorising the things I come across. It’s just how I tick. This website is a side project, and I usually only come to it once a month,… Continue reading About this website

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Ngl, the comic this month is grammable 💎, are vapes damaging teenagers’ voices? 😮‍💨

Welcome to the latest instalment of English in Progress, the newsletter that keeps you updated on the English language. Fresh in your inbox every first Friday of the month. (Ish.) Copied onto my website for your googling convenience. The original Substack newsletter can be found here. My name is Heddwen Newton. I am a… Continue reading Ngl, the comic this month is grammable 💎, are vapes damaging teenagers’ voices? 😮‍💨

Michigan English

Is there a kind of English that is typical for Michigan? Of course there is. Just like any other part of the world, the people in Michigan have their own accent and their own special ways of saying things. On my website, I collect resources for all variants of English, and Michigan English is one… Continue reading Michigan English

Miami English

The sentence in the picture was created with the help of r/miami on Reddit, but I did not get a lot of response, so corrections are appreciated. “Ey, paquetero. The seatbelt isn’t choking you. Get down from the car.” Translation into my own English English: „Hey, drama queen. The seat belt isn’t choking you. Get… Continue reading Miami English

Jamaican English

About the picture This sentence probably rang a bell; you know it from the famous Bob Marley song. What does “no woman, no cry” mean? Many people think that “no woman, no cry” means “if you don’t have a woman, then you won’t have to cry”. However, this grammatically correct Jamaican English sentence actually means… Continue reading Jamaican English

Can you imagine someone from 1990 listening to Crypto Boy?

This song from May 2022 only just crossed my radar. As someone who is interested in how English is spoken by young adults today, this is an absolute treat. Crypto Boy, by American singer-songwriter salem ilese, born 1999 (she writes her name without capital letters) Here are the lyrics: Mention NFT’s one more time And… Continue reading Can you imagine someone from 1990 listening to Crypto Boy?